Nokia Asha 306 Wallpapers

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  • Nature Wallpaper

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  • Nokia Asha…

The recently launched Asha series from Nokia has released another phone namely Nokia Asha 306, and wallpapers to this twin can be found at of various types and categories.

As mentioned the word twin, this set is indeed a twin to Nokia’s Asha 305 which was released back to back with this cell phone only with a bit of lesser features. Otherwise both phones are incredible alike having almost same styles. As it is Nokia’s pattern of product launches, that similar are released for multiple category of users. Nokia Asha 305 was more of a simpleton then this, whereas Nokia Asha 306 is for net users and surfers who find entertainment over the internet.

Mood music is a much known terminology but even with that, Pictures and wallpapers also have the same effect. Normally people choose based on their mood to what to apply on the screen or display of their devices. Sadden mood makes them put up darker wallpapers, happy or occasional sentiment suggests lighter colors and designs and so on. This varying expression continues with people all round the world, thus providing enhanced and expanded category of types of wallpapers that can be used.

Now with a little of phones specification for those new users, It is a similar phone with same features that Nokia offered in Asha 305. Starting with 2 mega pixels of camera that offers 1600 x 1200 pixels, external memory support of up to 32 gigabytes and internal built in of 10 megabytes. It has 32 megabyte of Ram and 64 megabyte of ram again good for gamers. An addition to all this is the add-on of WIFI, which enables net users to connect to any available internet connection and explore freely. As calling and texting are the basic features, they remain constant.

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