Nokia Asha 200 Themes

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Nokia Asha 200 is a great phone with multiple advanced features, available in a number of vibrant colors. With a 2 megapixel camera, Mp3 player, Fm recording, ringtone tuning, QWERTY keypad, video recording, and 2.4 inch LCD display, this phone is packed with many more features that you will love to explore and enjoy. Apart from being a good looking phone, it also has great connectivity and supports a number of web, as well as flash technologies.

To make your experience of the phone even better, a number of personalization’s are available; one of these are the Nokia Asha 200 themes. These themes are available in a variety of categories, which make the use of the features of the phone a lot more attractive. Whether you are a girl or a boy there is a theme for everyone. From cars, to nature, to movies, to life, and emotional content, these themes are attractive and provide a thrilling experience to enhance your phone.

When you’re alone and missing your partner, your emotional themes will give you company; when you buy a hot new car, or wish for one, your car theme will make it better; on a bright, beautiful day enjoying the weather will become much better with your nature and butterfly themes; watching a latest movie will become much more exciting when your phone theme is in accordance with it. These themes are a way of customizing your phone according to your current mood, condition, and/or situation. A new theme everyday will make your use of your phone a lot more stimulating.

There is nothing better in this technological world than to own a gadget that compels you to use it and form a bond with it. Kill boredom and pump up your phone everyday with these Nokia Asha 200 themes. Not only are they easy to download, they are also free of cost.

October 29, 2011 | H.A Davidson | 1 Comment | 988 views

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One Response to “Nokia Asha 200 Themes”
  1. Janvi says:

    awesome themes also they apply on my phone. but i have seen one problem with asha 200 phone that this mobile phone is very slow. though economical in rates but it is not good purely.

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