How To Recharge your Wateen Prepaid Internet Connection? Wireless Wi-Fi and USB

Want to know that how to recharge your Wateen Prepaid Internet Connection. Here are some easy and simple steps to recharge your wateen connection.

Step 1: First Log on to

Step 1 to Recharge your Wateen Prepaid Internet

Step 2: After signing in, there is a link named Refill Account. Click on this link.

Step 2 To Recharge your Wateen Connection

Step 3: Now Submit your Wateen Scratch Card Number in the Voucher Submit Field and Press Refill Account.

Step 3 to Recharge Wateen Internet

January 7, 2010 | H.A Davidson | 6 Comments | 553 views

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6 Responses to “How To Recharge your Wateen Prepaid Internet Connection? Wireless Wi-Fi and USB”
  1. Arbaz Khan says:


  2. Mian Rauf says:

    a.a. kindly tell me how to recharge wateen internet card, every month create a new problem and change the pattern of recharge page? how can i solve my problem?

  3. Mohyuddin says:

    This is the pathetic way of communication offered by a communication company. I don’t think is there any hard way to give trouble to their customer

  4. nehal says:

    why gmail cannot be open?

  5. toqeer says:

    someone tell me that i come to know that what is my user name and password

  6. fatima says:

    can you let me know my email address and pasward of wateen thanx :)

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